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Parts Unknown

Dear Anthony Bourdain,


I was intensely curious to watch this episode once I found out you were returning to Hawaii, specifically Maui.

I was horrified at your only commercial stop on my island:

Tasty Crust.

If I had been eating while watching I would have spit. Instead I was sitting there with my mouth gaping–
then after the shock wore off, laughing hysterically… Why? It’s in a slightly run down part of town (which I love actually) and happened to be my grandpa’s favorite spot. Chatting with him about where he wanted to eat or where he had gone for the day,

“Tasty Cruss” would come the reply, (in his Japanese broken English accent).

“TAAAAAAAAAASTY CRUST?!?!?,” all of us always exclaimed. Seriously?!

I’ve eaten there a handful of times. I’m not trying to blasphemy a local hangout, it holds great memories.
Do those memories make the noodles special? Not really. I recall them being extra curly, and yes fun to eat as a kid but a well done bowl of ramen? I think not– pretty basic stuff here!

I will be visiting home soon and sure enough am planning a trip back to Tasty Crust–
One, to see if things have changed or improved. Secondly, to remember my grandfather and continue on his
Tasty Cruss pancake eating legacy.

Thank you.