Pisa // Italy Diaries

I was starting to notice differences while at the Pisa Tuscany airport. The land seemed very flat, weather instantly humid in comparison to London and kind of gave me the “We’re in the middle of nowhere” feeling. The feeling continued as we hopped onto a bus which would take us to a stop a few minutes walk from the Leaning Tower. The whole way there I was searching for more real signs of life: grocery stores, malls, markets… we did pass a few tiny gas stations which were kind of comical but no real crowds until the sight itself. Hilarity ensues. Asians and tourists in general all posed about in diagonal rows with their arms to the side, up, down left right. It looked like a YMCA remake. Yeah I tried to think of something more unique, but it was hard to get a good pic without other tourists selfie arms in the way, haha. However, after finding the correct road (no street sign to point us in the right direction) we find our hotel lit up in bright green lights. As it was stated, our room had a view of the leaning tower, and boy did it!

I will upload my videos of the area to my youtube channel soon– Here are the pics below:




I thought this cat looked asian (long lost cousin to Twyler?) Also, I was jealous of this cat.



First gelato of Italy– First coconut gelato ever! This should be noted as the point of no return… went gelato crazy after >this< happened. More pictures from Italy and abroad can be found on my flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nabtravel