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No better way to eat popcorn than with a pickle or two on the side!


Air pop 1/4 cup white corn kernels
Use a tiny bit of coconut oil or try sesame oil (tastes better)

Sprinkle some:

Garlic salt
Sriracha salt (anything on hand works)
Pepper (black/white/whatever)
Creole seasoning,
and a generous HANDFULL of Brewer’s Yeast flakes!

A simple recipe is just the salt and the Brewer’s Yeast;
I grew up eating it this way (my parents were hippies) and my friends at school would always say
that my popcorn tasted so good! This is the secret!

PS— Hawaiianize it by throwing on some SESAME FURIKAKE and you’ll have a real treat!
PSS— Also pour some mochi crunch in and it will be a legit local delicacy (jk)