Prepping for Fashion Week!

With only a couple weeks until FashioNxt it is high time that we finalize our looks for the show — Last month we started creating headpieces and other accessories to really make our line stand out. I know it’s going to be over the top crazy and probably not the way someone would style their own wedding but its a fun idea for the fashion show that will obviously get attention. We just got back from the big bridal market in Chicago where we purchased more goodies for the shop and got ideas for next year! here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been working on…



Yesterday we had Rick and his crew filming in Vouture! As an upcoming business in downtown they hope to attract more business to the Salem area — I had the perfect timing in re-merchandising the floor, forgetting they were even going to be there but thank goodness I did. After many light moves and almost tripping on a lot of thick cords we were able to get back to work. The models looked great and it was a nice break to watch a professional at work.


We have about 20 new gowns but only 15 are needed for the lineup, however it’s hard to decide what will make it down the runway. To help with that today we met at the beautiful new Hi-Lo Hotel in downtown Portland to fit the models who will be walking for us Friday night. While we had fit a few of our personal models yesterday we definitely switched some things around (and probably will 598 times again before this is over)! I was really happy that the models were just as enthused about our line as I am! Some people who happened to there came over to ask who the designer was because they really wanted to own some of the pieces. Me too, of course!





If you’d like to attend, our show is Friday, October 5th — use our code Vien1810 to get a 10% discount on tickets!