Art Inspiration

Primal Op




Richard C. Elliot from Ellensberg, Washington is a Mixed Media artist who chose Sate-Lite (reflectors) as his medium of choice! I did not realize that what I had seen years prior on the Hallie Ford building was none other than Elliot’s work– then, last week a friend mentioned this really cool exhibit that I absolutely had to go check out. So glad I did.

Being a mixed media artist has always fulfilled the part of me that needs to do many different things, also collecting random bits and bobs that most people do not see a use for. It’s also made me wonder if being so diverse, whether in going from painting to collage to abstract makes my work less recognizably “mine”. However, I enjoyed how the exhibit as it seamlessly tied Elliot’s early painting/reflector pieces to his large scale Sate-lite and glitter installations to the computer generated abstract prints that he created towards the end of his life. This actually gives me hope although a short video clip of Elliot’s house gave me flashes of what my future residence could turn out like if given free reign to hoard things from thrift stores and paint away!

The second thing about this exhibit: it’s just plain fun! Being mildly obsessed with different metallic and reflective paints I was all for the inter-activeness of Primal Op. A small box posted before the main entrance directed viewers to grab the small flashlight and place it about ones forehead and continue on exploring in that manner. Each piece had it own general feeling while the added headlamp being moved about from corner to corner made the patterns within each individual jewel toned reflector shine. From a humble cheap bike reflector to a 10 ft by 10 ft piece with every square inch covered and layered in different sized reflectors I couldn’t believe how elevated the material had become. Thus, art.

On the way out of the museum gift shop I couldn’t go without buying my own souvenir, a little Sate-lite pin 🙂 Maybe this will come in handy when I get a bike one day!