Waschbear the cat, rides Rainbow the horse… aka Rainbear the comic duo was a little commission and Christmas gift for a friend– always a fun challenge to recreate a living being that can easily be compared back to the picture. Fun. This cat is unbelievable and I just had the privilege of spotting the reclusive WB in his native apartment habitat:


Apparently I forgot to post this finished piece here (maybe I just didn’t want to inadvertently ruin the surprise?) that I actually finished last December! Has that much time really flown by?! It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through 2015, and how much has changed in that short span—

The Gist

1. Feeling alive and truly content
2. Having my own place
3. New relationships <3
4. Planning trips and following through!
5. Living more minimally

I had a notion that this year was going to be a lot of change, I couldn’t say exactly what but so far I am happy to admit that I’ve never had a more positive outlook on life— so much to look forward to…

ONLY 170 days until Christmas!!!