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Recipe: Paleo Wraps

    Delicious paleo wraps. I don’t actually prescribe to any diets but…

    I got the idea from one of the most unlikely places — not by researching the paleo way (although Pinterest sure has too many suggestions for me). It was our last week in Denmark and we had to spend as much of our time out and about in the city. Copenhagen was calling and we planned our route to hit up as many museums and castles as possible.

    If you’ve ever researched Scandinavia you know that it is pricey due to high taxes, eating out is generally expensive. A casual lunch for two could easily run up a $50 bill… Anyways we had some fruit packed for the journey but I was quickly hungry. We made a pit stop into a 7/11 so Kenny could grab some caffeine and we noticed a surprisingly beautiful display of “superfoods” and a new paleo line produced by 7/11. There were chickpea salads, wraps, dense seedy sandwiches, cold pressed juices and more!

    We each got something to try and were really happy that we did. Later in the day we went back for more…

    Here is what we munched on while giving our feet a break–




    I knew that I would have to recreate these at home (and thankfully I got one last sample at the Copenhagen airport because they had a 7/11) Haha!! This is a wonderful breakfast or lunch — using the egg to created the wrap we avoid a tortilla which is just an empty carb. You get a greater protein boost from every ingredient which leaves you feeling satisfied and fuller, longer. The recipe is really simple and open to whatever you want in your wrap so here’s the basic steps below —

If you have these on hand it will be pretty easy to recreate!

Carton of egg whites
Avocado spray (for the pan)
Avocado mayo
Spinach/romaine lettuce
Peppers (have also used onions/mushrooms/spinach/corn)
Meat of choice –

Additional ideas:
Morning star sausage patties
Shredded chicken
Leftover steak/beef
Ground turkey
Hot sauce (of course)


Spray your pan with the avocado oil.
This step is probably most important so that you can have seamless layer of egg with which to wrap the rest of your ingredients. Pour your egg whites into the warmed pan to create a thick enough base (as if making an omelette). Watch carefully, if you’d like to flip it, go for it (I would advise cooking on a low heat till fully done though). In a separate pan you can prepare your veggies (Kenny likes sauteed onions). Once that is finished you can begin putting your wrap together. I like to switch between chipotle avocado mayo and hummus. Once I’ve spread that on I throw lots of spinach on top which usually sticks and my meat du jour. Add on the rest of the peppers and salsa to finish the masterpiece.

Have fun with it. The combinations are really endless —