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Resolve 2015

1. Cherish every day — Stay positive, focusing on at least one good thing
2. Live minimally — Be happier with less, live simply
3. Break bad habits — Let go of time wasting, no more anxious lip biting :-/
4. Spend more time with the people I care about, and tell them!

1. Canada + International (TBD!)
2. Cali –SF // maybe Disneyland (never been)
3. New York –Dough (doughnuts… yep, who wants to go with?!) // Visit MT Jewelry
4. Make it home for either Christmas or New Year’s. Both would be great 🙂
5. Live on the street — I’ve wanted to experience that situation firsthand for sometime… scavenging, panhandling, couch surfing, hitch hiking, train riding, recycling//


1. Utilize more of my creative outlets//take even more pictures
2. Be generous with my time
3. Maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle (conflicts with next one…)

1. Apizza Scholls
2. Bamboo Sushi
3. Beast
4. Bete-Lukas
5. Biwa
6. Broder
7. Chez Machin
8. Cocotte
9. Double Dragon
10. Egyptian Food Cart
11. Fireside
12. Fogo de Chao
13. Good Taste
14. Ken’s Artisan Pizza
15. Le Happy
16. Le Pigeon
17. Little Bird
18. Lucky Strike
19. Pok Pok
20. Portland City Grill
21. Roe
22. Screen Door
23. Sok Sab Bai
24. Tanuki
25. TarBoush
26. Wong’s King
27. Yakuza
28. Yama Sushi
29. Yuzu
30. …Yeah there’s least 2840157 more.

So, that’s Resolvageddon 2015 in a nutshell… Only a few weeks in, but I’d say this year is starting off pretty strong! 2014 was a lot of change (some events out of my control, some by choice) and I admittedly don’t feel like I do well with either. So much change in such a short amount of time has given me the ability to adapt faster and really figure out what I am made of. My sense of direction and hippocampus has grown, I’ve met so many wonderful people that make moving to a bigger city totally worth it, and I still find that I have things to explore. While it hasn’t been easy I look forward to future endeavors, and trying to enjoy life day by day. I don’t have any of it figured out, and that’s just great. At least I know where I’m eating tomorrow…