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Sok Sab Bai Sob Story

Went to work an hour later, got off two hours early.
So, what to do? See if Sok Sab Bai was open.
Friday — check
Between 5-9pm — check


I walked in (to what is actually a house) and saw literally, no one. Hmmm. I heard some noise, saw someone in the back. Pretended to walk in again stomping my boots loudly. Passive aggressive much? Still nothing. What the heck, grabbed my own menu and decided to ponder table locations. Waiter finally arrives saying “Oh…” while I hand him my menu and he shows me to the table I was already walking to. Now that is off on the right foot…


Coconut Soda — High markup on these (can purchase from Uwajimaya around .85 each, $3 here in the restaurant) Served with slice of lime, which is delicious muddled in. Probably the most memorable thing about the whole meal.


Pork Buns — Definitely not the best I’ve had, actually lower on the list if I had to rank it. The buns themselves were small but packed through. The pork was fatty but without any good pork/sauce flavor. The bun also might’ve been a bit slimy from condensation or moisture.

Prahok Katee — an assortment of raw veggies (cucumber, purple cabbage, radish, and turnip) with a ground pork dipping sauce. I was happy with the vegetables, the “dipping” sauce was interesting. Contained an oilyness, although also containing coconut milk, lime, peanuts, etc. Might’ve been slightly acidic in a not so pleasant way if you didn’t realize it was normal.

Chae Chien for dessert – Bananas coated in batter and lightly fried, with a little chocolate sauce on top. Nothing special, reminded me of fair fare. Not very sweet or distinct in any flavor, and thus not completely satisfying for me.


Is this one of the Top 100 Restaurants in Portland? I don’t think so! Next…