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Annex - Three Stooges, The_NRFPT_04

Sometimes, when my mind wanders I remember snippets of strange things that I could never come up with had I been asked what I miss most about home. Sun all the time… sure. Family, of course. Looking out the window and having an entire view of the island… seeing blue ocean and the designs of sugar cane fields. Yeah.. even balmy tradewinds. Fresh papaya… But what I really miss are those lazy days where Okaasan and I would split a bowl of saimin (tons of red pepper added), cozied on the couch watching the Three Stooges set reminiscing about our favorite episodes which would eventually play if we waited long enough. Then we’d be craving something sweet, maybe some kinako mochi. Okaasan would fry that up for us and we’d share chopsticks. After that an I Love Lucy marathon would inevitably start and we’d talk about the “olden days”. Simple life. Furs, curls and pearls. Slapstick at its finest. Comedic timing. Grew up loving these black and white shows and can’t help but get nostalgic if it happens to be on. After the sweet, we’d need something salty: chips and homemade salsa! Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers all from our garden. Haha, splitsies of course.
“Do you want a little more salsa?”
“Me too!”
Next: The Scary Door aka The Twilight Zone… don’t even get me started. After all that we might go for a walk, pick some weeds from our garden and feed the neighbors’ horse and goats. Then if we were feeling adventurous we’d go for a much longer walk up to see my dad flying his airplane and watch the sun set. Hop in the back of my dad’s truck and get a cool ride back home. The temperature starts to drop and it would get dark around 7:30. The stars always seemed so bright, living far enough away from the city allowed them to shine. Getting a lot of ideas for future projects and starting them. Hearing my dads radio going as he’s building away in his little outdoor shop. Looking out at the rest of the island, all the lights from the homes and street lamps looking like a bag of spilt jewels across the land, glimmering in the warm night. The feeling of being at home has always been this magical and I look forward to it every time I return.