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Swiss Riviera

Another beautiful morning in Geneva but we decided to make the hour and some trip to picturesque Montreux. Donning our warmest layers, we walked up to the bus stop that would take us back to the Geneva Airport, which is where the major train stations ran by. We easily found the platform and made it onto the the correct train with just minutes to spare. Annnnnd we were off! Very clean interior, smooth ride, and large viewing windows made the experience very comfortable. There was even a legit inspector! About halfway through the ride he came around to check tickets. We pulled out our city passes along with our passports. Eh? Problem? These are only good for Geneva?


So the moustache bristled on this old inspector as he told us we’d need to purchase actual tickets. That was no problem (I wasn’t about to get kicked out). The price turned out to be about 75 CHF (~ $75) for both of us, which included the 10 CHF fine for not having a ticket in the first place, haha! Once we got to Montreux we were able to purchase the 65 CHF tickets for the way back. Phew.

I couldn’t help trying taking pictures through the windows. It got especially pretty as the view of the Lake opened up and then suddenly the train stops and we’ve actually arrived at our destination. Stepping off was refreshing. Sun shining, clear skies, a real nip in the air, and the most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen. We weaved our way through hotels and mini golf parks to get down to the water. Soon enough what we saw was breathtaking.

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