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AH. Switzerland–

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We had a bit of a rough descent into Geneva so we were happy to finally arrive. Our hotel was pretty centrally located, to all major transportation as well as to and from the airport. Our first venture after we checked in was to go to the LES CONSERVATOIRE ET JARDIN BOTANIQUES DE LA VILLE DE GENĂˆVE [Conservatory & Botanical Gardens of Geneva] before it closed around 5pm. It was one of the furthest places within the city limits yet easily accessible by bus. The bus system was quite straightforward (so it seemed at first). The sun was barely peeking through the clouds, and the air was very crisp. The walk through the Gardens was immediately peaceful– There were only a few other couples walking around, and a few parents with their children near the animal enclosures. The animals weren’t super exotic, but it was still amusing. I also saw a hibiscus and it cracked me up. Besides that it was nice to not be in such a crowded city, fighting for walking room and have the ability to pace yourself to actually enjoy a sight.

After a good walk around the gardens (I think we covered a bit more than half) we headed back towards the bus stop to go into town. Along the way we passed a few different malls, and we hopped out at one pretty close to our place. From the outside it didn’t look like much, but thankfully our interpreting the bright signs was on point. A two, technically three leveled mall opened up complete with grocery store and everything. We couldn’t help but drift from side to side, hungry and eyeing all the delights. Chocolatiers, a Swiss beer shop (found my dad’s Calvinus beer), a Japanese place called Wasabi {that didn’t even have wasabi}, Creperies, candies and more etc. The grocery store by the way had some kind of new fangled technology where you grab a scanner and check yourself out basically. Haha. We didn’t use this ourselves as I had already been having trouble with my card but it was pretty neat. Also within that mall was a gourmet shop called Globus. We would find the best hummus IN THE WORLD right here, and so we’d return about 4 more times (a few locations to choose from). Prepare yourself now, the prices for food (and things in general) in Switzerland, are sky high. And I enjoyed every minute!

I was struck by a few things I noticed while utilizing the amazing (free for tourists) public transportation system in Geneva.

1. Respect: Anyone healthy and young (younger than say, 50) was expected to move for any elderly person, man or woman, no matter if at the front or back of the bus

2. Generosity: A random older man gave me his unopened box of cough drops when I was having an uncontrollable coughing fit

3. Decency: The teenagers did not seem half as obnoxious as the ones here