We went to Thailand again!

While most people go home for Tet, we decided to get away to Bangkok and explore some more. We had a few missions: check out the night markets, pick up some clothes for Australia, barber shop for Ken, manicure for myself, workout and of course trying a lot more food!

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Thailand Observations

1. Superstitious and many rules to follow. For example — If you are in the royal court or anywhere deemed so, never question the authenticity of anything (at least not loud enough for anyone to hear). They will open a hearing right then and there… if you have no proof to back up your statements you will be punished with 15 years in prison.

2. Temples everywhere, Buddhists everywhere


3. The reverence I saw for the King whom had just passed away… whew. Billboards, marquees, shrines, were every few feet on the highway. In every hotel, mall, shop, etc… a place of mourning had been set up. He had ruled for 70 years but they had elected him to godlike status. (I even saw him on their atms)


4. Although there are technically more mopeds in Bangkok than HCM, the traffic system actually works. Red lights mean stop…

5. Bangkok traffic… bad is an understatement

6. If you go to their markets (where they sell cheap clothing and knockoff items) be aware that your are not allowed to try anything on beforehand, even if it would be an easy item, like a jacket to slip on. I’m not sure if this is because of the humidity that makes the skin sticky or because the items on the hanger do not match the photos attached to the front. Thus they will not be the same quality or fit properly.. is my guess.

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