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琵琶 Biwa– a japanese lute, apparently the instrument of choice for the goddess of music. One of the most memorable places I have eaten *twice now* — The food experience: unlikely menu items, unusual pairings, stunning presentations… Just a surprise and delight for all the senses each time I go. Also a surprise for the …


Food Carts: SE 28th & Division

4.2 Garden Monsters The Colossal Cobb {237 cal (as stated from their menu)} Romaine & Iceberg Lettuce, Roma Tomatoes, Black Olives, Bleu Cheese Crumbles, Chopped Egg, Garlic Croutons (g) (Size:Mini Monster) Carnivore (Roasted Turkey and Smoked Ham {140 cal} w/ Avocado Ranch {179 cal}) $6.50 Their mission statement was “raising the bar” for salads– Granted …


36. HK Cafe

HK Cafe — 3rd times a charm! Lunchtime: Asian invasion aka grab a number and wait… Should’ve worn the face masks, hope not to get SARS. “Best Dim Sum in Portland” The usual suspects. Right to left: Pork shumai, Veggie/shrimp shumai, Ha gow (shrimp dim sum), cabbage wrapped dumpling, (“donuts” top left corner) Spare ribs …