I’ve heard Cash Rules Everything Around Me, and even been to C.R.E.A.M. (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me) in SF but I was superrrrrrrrrrrr excited to try the brand new, much anticipated: PIZZA / Rules / Everything / Around / Me!


Perfect day to sit outside and enjoy the summer ambiance… there was an exciting 10 minutes ogling the feud between Trimet/ angry bus riders, and a taxi sitting on the corner. There was some yelling and threats made– taxi driver doesn’t care. Even our host got pulled into the fray. The bus driver finally decided to use common sense and pass the immovable taxi.


On first inspection of the menu there were definitely pies that sounded good, but everything had just one aspect to it that I did not care for. It appeared to be rational combinations and then a twist: let’s throw this weird thing in there to be “innovative” and hip Portland. After being walked through our menu by our really awesome host we still needed more time. We were all so hungry, we got the Meatball (Appetizers called Hook on this menu) which had an Amish butter polenta, arrabbiata, fried shallots, and parmesan. It was really scrumptious 🙂 One meatball for each of us and it was a good thing too, that Rootbeer Flip drink was stiff!


Ended up trying the KALE pie (Entree AKA Chorus): Lardo, smoked mozzarella, onion, honey, chili ($17). Yes, that’s right HONEY. I’m not normally one to mix savory and super sweet on my dinner plate and this was (in the end) no different.

Woodfired pizza? Great. Flaky crust: awesome. Burnt flaky crust, no thanks!


This is no photoshop trickery, and no filters have been applied. Presentation is definitely a part of it, black has never been that appetizing to me. I will say that I thought the kale on top was tasty. But when I go out for pizza do I want a salad on the side? Heck no! Do I want it on my pizza dripping with honey? NO–
Will I be back? Honestly, probably not. Service a little slow, prices a bit much for a so-so pizza.

2131 SE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97214

(503) 231-2809

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Pizza in Portland

Yeah: Another list.


1. Apizza Scholls
2. Atlas Pizza
3. Al Forno
4. American Dream Pizza
5. Baby Doll Pizza
6. Bellagio’s Pizza I think…
7. Blackbird Pizza
8. Blind Onion Pizza & Pub
9. California Pizza Kitchen
10. Cibo
11. Dominoes
12. Dove Vivi
13. East Glisan Pizza Lounge
14. Escape from New York
15. Fire and Stone
16. Firehouse Restaurant
17. Flying pie
18. Giant’s NY Pizza
19. Handsome Pizza*
20. Hot Lips
21. Ken’s Artisan Pizza
22. Life of Pi
23. Lonesome’s Pizza
24. Lovely’s Fifty Fifty
25. Nostrana
26. Midwest Pizza Co.
27. Mod Pizza
28. Moon Pizza*
29. Old Town Pizza
30. Opa Pizzaria
31. Oven and Shaker
32. Piazza Italia
33. Pieology
34. Pinky’s
35. Pizza Hut
36. Pizza Maria
37. Pizza Schmizza
38. Pizzeria Otto
39. Pream*
40. Pyro’s Pizza
41. Roman Candle
42. Sizzle Pie
43. Slice Pizzeria
44. Straight From New York
45. Thick (food cart)

*Opening Soon
**Everyone invited to partake in the pizza party
***Accepting applications for workout sponsor
****Pizza is eternal


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