The two most popular culinary tourism destinations

Countries to try gastronomic tourism are endless and all of them deserve attention. We will talk about recognized leaders today and those are Italy and France!


Along with France, it became one of the first countries where inquisitive gourmets rushed. There are many explanations for this - Italian cuisine is perhaps the most popular in the world, almost everyone likes it, and Italy itself is a wonderful scenery for diving into anything: sunny, fragrant and bright.

It is difficult to derive some common elements - from region to region, tastes and key elements here can change dramatically, but on the whole everyone goes to Italy to taste the cheeses, olive oil, and classic wines, well, try and maybe learn how to cook - the very Italian dishes whose names sound like a song.

Some tours cover several regions at once and last from one and a half to two weeks. But this is rare. A much more popular offer is a trip lasting 5-7 days, including 1-2 regions. For example, Tuscany and Piedmont.

What to try?

Pasta, pizza, gelato ice cream, and tiramisu are the old classics, you will not leave the country not having tried them. But of the less obvious, you should definitely try Zuppa di Pesce - a traditional Italian soup with seafood (most often - mussels) which is thick, aromatic, and tomato.

You can cook it yourself even being on a shoestring budget or try it the closer to the sea, the fresher the ingredients the better. Slightly ground tomatoes, white wine, fish, seafood and spicy fragrant herbs - the recipe is deceptively simple, not without difficulty, but you can repeat it at home. However, try it first to now the original taste.


It is the birthplace of world culinary terms, including the usual “menu”, “omelet”, “broth”, or “mayonnaise”. It is famous for gourmet restaurants, there are a lot of them here. Today, Paris is a city-record for the number of establishments marked by the Michelin Guide. People also come here to get acquainted with local delicacies - rare cheeses, truffles, marbled beef, and oysters.

Here, as in Italy, everything directly depends on the region – the best oysters are served in Aquitaine, buibes – in Normandy or Brittany, and in Provence, you should try classic ratatouille. Well, the central region - Ile-de-France - has united a bit of everything.

What to try?

Despite the famous extravagant dishes on the base of frogs or snails that France is famous for, we recommend paying attention to something simpler. For example, Blanquette de veau or veal in a creamy sauce which is a Sunday dish of wealthy French peasants.

Roughly speaking, any dish like “blanquette” is a stew of boneless pieces of meat. Blanquette de veau is prepared from the young veal, dearly beloved by French cooks, which is stewed for a long time in white sauce with the addition of mushrooms and white glazed onions.

The dish turns out to be filling, in its own way “cozy” - you want to eat it in front of a fireplace full of crackling wood, from a deep bowl somewhere in the French province, and is great for winter.

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