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Viking Soul Food



Viking Soul Food Cart >> Belmont St

Lingonberry juice… FTW, YUM!

Left>> Sweet Lefse Wrap
Rhubarb preserves, Portland creamy chevre & walnuts

Right>> Savory Lefse Wrap
Norwegian meatballs, goat cheese, gravy, sweet & sour purple cabbage

Both of these were great. The wrap itself was a nice texture, super thin with a nice chewiness to it that actually held up to the fillings— The sweet lefse was soooooo creamy and not super sweet which I enjoyed, but also had some crunch from the walnuts. The meatball wrap had salty and punchy parts with the pickled cabbage in there. I love getting all kinds of textures and flavors in one, so again both of these were really enjoyable! The two of us split these, and ate them back and forth; plate surfing at will. Best of both worlds really (and a bit of Valhalla)!

Closing in the near future but supposedly moving to a brick and mortar location— Yay we finally made it!!
Thanks to my Danish friend for introducing me 😉