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Weekend Trip: Florence




Florence, Oregon that is– the land of sand. Dunes, lakes and beachfronts which I had yet to explore. Stayed at the Lighthouse Inn, which was tucked away in the heart of downtown Florence. A quick walk away was the main hub of restaurants and boutiques. Dinner at the Waterfront Depot Restaurant was amazing, by far the steak/seafood to beat here in Oregon. Day 2 was off to an early start, breakfast at Nature’s Corner Cafe & Market which was also wonderful. They had a delicious heart smart menu, as well as vegetarian/gluten/dairy free options. I will say the biscuits and gravy (on jalepeno/cheddar biscuit) was AMAZING. From there it was a short drive to Honeyman State Park, going up dunes, jumping off dunes, hiking mounds and mounds of vertically untouched sands. Drove further down to hike around Lagoon Lake, Waxmyrtyle Lake and Beach. Probably the highlight of the whole trip was the beach, with no one around, soft white sand for miles, seashells to collect and sun it felt like a real vacation. Lastly, a stop at Darlingtonian State Park was necessary– However, the plants were not quite in season, thus no flowers or bug eating action but still quite cool to see (check back mid May). After that it was time to head north in the general direction, and after a pitstop in Eugene (checked out Deluxe) it was time to go back home.

Check out the crazy video montage of my time there: