Backpack for Petite RTW Travelers

By no means is this just for those under 5’3″┬ábut the look and feel of said backpack can make a world of difference in how comfortable I will be when traveling far and wide. Packing light is going to be the key, and I’m attempting to keep the pack at no more than 15 pounds.

In the end I decided on the Osprey Farpoint 40 in the Small/Medium size. The hip and chest strap alleviated the major weight off of my back and the backpack straps themselves were cushion-y. The zippers are easier to find than the Tortuga Air (although the Tortuga looks the most like a traditional backpack, being only 26-35L was going to be a real toughie for me to pack everything I need). Here I am wearing the Osprey 40 S/M — See how the bag does not extend down below my butt or above my head! I am excited to have decided on a bag, now I can perfect packing. Kenny will be using the Osprey Farpoint 40 as well, but in the Large size.


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