Crazy Cafes in Tokyo

1. “Totoro Cafe” aka Shimohige Cream Puff Factory or TOLO
While they have a full menu of food we decided to try two cream puffs and two drinks! The Totoro’s were almost too cute to eat (I spied the Japanese girls next to us eating them from the back, thus preserving the cute cream puff for as long as possible). We also got and iced chai and iced mocha which was delicious as well. Check out my channel to see me dive into my cream puff like a barbarian —


2. Kawaii Monster Cafe -
Unicorns, candy and sprinkles, OH MY! This is the rainbow themed cafe where the food is just as colorful as the decor! You can order French fries with a rainbow assortment of dipping sauces, rainbow spaghetti, cakes, parfaits, color changing drinks… very cool for instagram. Just be sure to make a reservation or risk waiting a long time (I would not attempt this on a weekend) Harajuku is crazyyyyy!



3. Forest of Owl Cafe -
Why not spend an hour petting owls and sipping on banana mochas? Surrounded by the littlest to largest of owls, to rare and even grumpy looking ones was an amazing experience! A drink is included of course, and you can watch it being made (by machine) on the little tv screen. What service! The owls are so sweet I couldn’t help but want one for myself some day - haha!



4. Sanrio Puroland -
The ever-changing theme will feature a Sanrio character and food sets to match. While I was in Tokyo the Little Twin Stars café had started with the cutest pink and blue plates to match- While Kiki and Lala were popular when I was growing up the Sanrio cafe is always rotating, so catch it while you can!

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5. Café Mugiwara aka One Piece -
If you’re in Odaiba and you see an alien looking building with a big globe-like structure in the middle just go right there to find the One Piece café! I started to get into the anime but with so many episodes I just couldn’t catch up. Still the café is great for fans looking to experience the manga, as I got to see my friends’ experience a few months after I was there.



6. Maid Café -
This is a general suggestion as there are so many different ones to choose from. I personally think it would be interesting to see but doubt I would care to listen to a bunch of crazy singing and dancing routines. Walk around Akihabara and you will be sure to stumble into many different cafes. Just look for the cardboard cutouts of maids and you will be on your way! I had a picture of my head sticking through one of these but it seems to have mysteriously disappeared . . .


7. Pompompurin -
Another cute character café that is permanent, so you will not miss it! The Mexican inspired dish = curry and rice plate look so yummy too- Half the problem with these cafes is that everything is almost too cute to eat! Almost …



9. Bunny Cafe
There are many to choose from! Real bunnies, bunny themed, character bunny themed because we LOVE all the bunnies! Around Harajuku you can find the live fluffy versions to play with while you sip a coffee or find one with your favorite character to enjoy the marvelous lookalike dishes.




10. “Gudetama Cafe” aka The Lazy Egg -
Now when I was in Tokyo I happened to stumble upon a HUGE Gudetama store, complete with a giant mascot Gudetama which I posed with! I don’t believe the cafe was in existence yet, but from what I’ve seen it looks fabulous… and not so ennui 😉





11. Poop Cafe -
This might not sound like your idea of an appetizing or fun place to grab a drink, I would definitely recommend a visit if you want a good laugh. While this idea actually originated in Taiwan, I was able to visit the one in Seoul, South Korea and had a blast. The refreshing fizzy drink we ordered was light and refreshing and came showered in fresh flower petals. Suprising? Yes! Just do it!
Tokyo has its own version so all bases are covered!


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  1. Oh my goodness … cuteness overload here! Now this blog posts makes me want to go to TOKYO and go to all these cafes! Thanks for sharing … 🙂

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