Cat Friends

Only my most favorite cats in the world — I’m not sure if it’s a quality specific to their breed (Oriental Shorthair) but it’s really saying something for me to like a cat so much as I’m a proclaimed dog person. Haha. Basically these cats have their sleepy periods where they can lay peacefully on my lap which is all I really ask for in a pet. Once they awake from their slumber they go from 0-60 and really know how to play without clawing anyone. It’s hard to tell from the video but these cats are full grown yet half the size of a normal cat. Perfect for picking up spontaneously, lol.

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Beauty Faves March 2016

1. Nars Tinted Moisturizer in Finland $43 // Laura Mercier Tinter Moisturizer in Nude


Over the years I have been opting for foundations that are lighter in consistency and coverage. I found that I was really just using the product to even out my skin, but I have nice enough skin that I don’t need to put a mask over it. I am still not used to how transparent just using a moisturizer is, so I do layer it a bit till I feel comfortable. I love how my real skin shows through and still looks very natural and dewey.

2. Kat Von D Waterproof Eyeliner in Trooper (Black) $19

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 8.27.45 PM

Ohhhhhhh the search is over. Gone are the days of dipping a brush into a pot, spreading it out on a tissue, drawing out a line, redrawing a wing, and cleaning up the mess. This little pen is the perfect eyeliner, it has a fine tip for whatever cat-eye you may be feeling that day and you can throw it in your bag to go if you plan on going out later! While this formula says waterproof, I often do not need more than soapy water to get it completely off. I don’t mind that at all—

3. NYX Extra Creamy Lipstick in Paris $4

This is a more fuschia version of my favorite MAC lipstick, Pink Plaid- for a fraction of the cost. The formula is even creamier than most and easy to apply without any base on your lips, and doesn’t dry them out later. The way this product wears throughout the day is quite nice, but eating and drinking will mean reapplication. The cost makes this guilt free 🙂

4. Moisturizer: Lancome Regenerie Lift Multi-Action $117/ Clinique Even Better Skin Tone Correcting Broad Spectrum SPF 20 $48


Always good to use: I usually remember to apply before bed but also as another layer of sunscreen on my face. Sometimes the combination with sunscreen makes my foundation a little transparent but I like to call that the youthful look. The Lancome one smells amazing and feels refreshing to wear on its own. I’ve used both of these for years and still love them! I packed two travel size containers for my RTW trip- made the right choice!

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Birthday Week at WDW

It’s been a crazy week!

We (encouraged by my sweet bf) decided to catch the next flight out of Guatemala to…



Yes!! I had never been to any Disney theme parks before… and didn’t actually think I would be going to one anytime soon as we are currently embarked on a RTW trip. Did not foresee coming back into the United States anytime soon, but it was such a lovely thought!

Kenny got us a taxi ASAP, it was almost 9 pm and our taxi left Antigua for La Aurora Airport at 10 pm. Our flight was at 2 — AM! Wow, I’ve had flown a red-eye but this is the latest one for sure. Either way we were both so excited, a short flight later we’d be in Houston with all the American amenities we’d been missing the past month (clean tap water, hot water, water pressure, bathrooms with operational plumbing, real toilet paper provided, etc)! Another short flight from there we’d be in Orlando relaxing at a Disney resort.

Once we got to our hotel we set off to explore although I was already in awe from the moment we got to Pop Century. Massive figures decorated each set of hotel rooms based on decade. We were located in the 1990s- Pretty perfect. I was also enamored by all the different fireworks shows at each park that went on nightly! I read that Disney spends $50,000 on one night of fireworks for the Wishes show at Magic Kingdom but that one park makes about $3.5 million a day so I see how it’s afforded!

I ate a lot of great food, tried many different things and will be doing reviews on the Flower and Garden Festival and Epcot in general! For now I’ve uploaded the majority of my favorite pictures, and you can check them out below!

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My Strange Addiction

I welcome you to take a look into my spice cupboard and see the array.
There is a separate area for liquid hot sauces, do not worry!
I’ve got that covered too…

The most lethal weapon in the arsenal, the ground habanero powder as is suspect by the hand written name.

Thanks mom!

Do not overdo it, a good dash of this will ensure a tummy ache for even the most seasoned chili eaters. I consume food like a goat and yet this stuff has me being “careful”. I still challenge anyone to eat something hotter than I and enjoy it more— Bring it on!

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No better way to eat popcorn than with a pickle or two on the side!


Air pop 1/4 cup white corn kernels
Use a tiny bit of coconut oil or try sesame oil (tastes better)

Sprinkle some:

Garlic salt
Sriracha salt (anything on hand works)
Pepper (black/white/whatever)
Creole seasoning,
and a generous HANDFULL of Brewer’s Yeast flakes!

A simple recipe is just the salt and the Brewer’s Yeast;
I grew up eating it this way (my parents were hippies) and my friends at school would always say
that my popcorn tasted so good! This is the secret!

PS— Hawaiianize it by throwing on some SESAME FURIKAKE and you’ll have a real treat!
PSS— Also pour some mochi crunch in and it will be a legit local delicacy (jk)

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Annex - Three Stooges, The_NRFPT_04

Sometimes, when my mind wanders I remember snippets of strange things that I could never come up with had I been asked what I miss most about home. Sun all the time… sure. Family, of course. Looking out the window and having an entire view of the island… seeing blue ocean and the designs of sugar cane fields. Yeah.. even balmy tradewinds. Fresh papaya… But what I really miss are those lazy days where Okaasan and I would split a bowl of saimin (tons of red pepper added), cozied on the couch watching the Three Stooges set reminiscing about our favorite episodes which would eventually play if we waited long enough. Then we’d be craving something sweet, maybe some kinako mochi. Okaasan would fry that up for us and we’d share chopsticks. After that an I Love Lucy marathon would inevitably start and we’d talk about the “olden days”. Simple life. Furs, curls and pearls. Slapstick at its finest. Comedic timing. Grew up loving these black and white shows and can’t help but get nostalgic if it happens to be on. After the sweet, we’d need something salty: chips and homemade salsa! Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers all from our garden. Haha, splitsies of course.
“Do you want a little more salsa?”
“Me too!”
Next: The Scary Door aka The Twilight Zone… don’t even get me started. After all that we might go for a walk, pick some weeds from our garden and feed the neighbors’ horse and goats. Then if we were feeling adventurous we’d go for a much longer walk up to see my dad flying his airplane and watch the sun set. Hop in the back of my dad’s truck and get a cool ride back home. The temperature starts to drop and it would get dark around 7:30. The stars always seemed so bright, living far enough away from the city allowed them to shine. Getting a lot of ideas for future projects and starting them. Hearing my dads radio going as he’s building away in his little outdoor shop. Looking out at the rest of the island, all the lights from the homes and street lamps looking like a bag of spilt jewels across the land, glimmering in the warm night. The feeling of being at home has always been this magical and I look forward to it every time I return.

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Post by Diddy.
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This app cracks me up- free for iphone users and I believe they’ve now made it available for android as well! Find me on phhhoto: AuburnAzn



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